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There should be a manager. Ask nicely if you can get a job. They should say yes!

Buy the Pizza apron and chef hat so you can be a waiter. If the pizza parlor uniform is not currently in stock, you can improvise and wear an ice cream or coffee shop apron instead.

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Q: When you get a apron for club penguin how do you get the job?
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On club penguin do you have to play pizzatron3000 to get a job there?

No. You have to but an apron from the clothe store.

How do you get a puffle job in Club Penguin?

You must buy the puffle apron to do the dance.

Do you get a popcorn job on Club Penguin?

no. you don't get a popcorn job in club penguin you only could do a coffee serving job. Even when it sells a popcorn job apron or clothes, it is only for style and you get it in the clothing shop in the town in club penguin. I know because I play club penguin everyday. :)

Do you have to be a member to get the apron in club penguin?

if its the coffee apron or pizza apron .ect yes you have to be a member they are in the catalog in the gift shop there in the job section sometimes

Where do you get an apron on club penguin?

at the store

What is the unlock code for the pizza apron on club penguin?

There isn't a code to unlock the pizza apron on Club Penguin. You need to buy it when their selling it in the Gift Shop.

How do you feed the puffles at the pet shop when you have the apron on club penguin?

you can with the pet shop apron.

Where do you get the ice cream apron in club penguin?

it was a limited time apron. you cant get it anymore!!

What is the club penguin code to get the pizza apron?


What is the code to get any apron club penguin?


What is the code for a pizza apron on club penguin?


How can you get an apron on Club Penguin?

You have to go to the hideout store and buy it