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if its the coffee apron or Pizza apron .ect

yes you have to be a member

they are in the catalog in the gift shop

there in the job section sometimes

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Q: Do you have to be a member to get the apron in club penguin?
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Do you have to be a member to get the pizza apron in club penguin?

of corse u do

How can you get an apron on club penguin without being a member?

You get them in parties on Cp waddle on lolz

Where do you find the pizza dress in club penguin?

You don't get a pizza dress on club penguin but you get an apron if your a member. You first go into the girt shop and buy one if it is on the catalogue

Where do you get an apron on club penguin?

at the store

What is the unlock code for the pizza apron on club penguin?

There isn't a code to unlock the pizza apron on Club Penguin. You need to buy it when their selling it in the Gift Shop.

How do you get a apron in Club Penguin?

Well here's how you get the aprons: Black Apron: Martial Artwork catalogue in the ninja hideout. (You have to be a member ninja to get this) Coffee Apron: You can find this in the jobs section of the Gift shop catalog when it comes back to Club Penguin Ice Cream Apron: This item is no longer available Pizza Apron: Go on Unlock Items when you log on to Club Penguin and type in the code you've got. (You have to buy something from a Disney store to get this) And that's all the aprons i know off. Hope this helps

How do you get the pizza apron on club penguin without a membership?

Im sorry but you cant, you need to be a member which you can purchase was $5.95 a month to wear it.

Where do you get the ice cream apron in club penguin?

it was a limited time apron. you cant get it anymore!!

How do you feed the puffles at the pet shop when you have the apron on club penguin?

you can with the pet shop apron.

What is the club penguin code to get the pizza apron?


What is the code to get any apron club penguin?


What is the code for a pizza apron on club penguin?