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The catalog is always available to you in Animal Crossing Wild World. You have to at least bought a couple items, though, or you won't have a catalog. Talk to Nook and request to look at your catalog.

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Q: When the catalog in Animal Crossing wild world is open?
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Who have their gate open in Animal Crossing 3ds?

The people at the train station have their gate open in Animal Crossing 3DS.

On animal crossing wild world how do you open your mailbox?

You tap on it, or you walk in front of it and press A.

How do you travel to a town that hasn't got an open gate animal crossing wild world?

you don't

How do you open presents on Animal Crossing lets go to the city?

well i shouldn't know idk I have animal crossing wild world 4 DS! sorry that this didn't help

How do you open a present on Animal Crossing City Folk?

click on it and click open

What time is the roost open on Animal Crossing?


How do you tell if one of your friends is online on animal crossing wild world?

You don't, unless their gate is open. If their gate is open, then you can see it when you talk to Copper, and he lets you view the town gates that are open.

Animal Crossing City Folk open gates today?

They open any day, or anytime!

Is it possible to get rid of Lyle on Animal Crossing Wild World if so how?

I think that if you open your gates he will go and sit in the roost, but I am not shore. Try it!!!

What happens when you open a gift or letter when you are supposed to deliver it on acww ds?

If you open a gift or letter on Animal Crossing Wild World the person you were supposed to deliver it for will be very angry.

How do you open up a restruant in the city for Animal Crossing City Folk?

you cant

How do you get to ressetiis survelliance centre in Animal Crossing lets go to the city?

You go to his location in the city (by the traffic cones) at night and occasionally they will be moved and his center open. By the way, its Animal Crossing City Folk, not Animal Crossing Lets go to the City.