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I think that if you open your gates he will go and sit in the roost, but I am not shore. Try it!!!

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Q: Is it possible to get rid of Lyle on Animal Crossing Wild World if so how?
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Who visits the roost on Animal crossing wild world?

Harriet (if you have Nookington's), Kapp'n, Lyle, Pelly, Phyllis, Resetti, and Rover.

Where on animal crossing lets go to the city where is the ABD?

Near the house picture where Lyle is.

What are the answers to Lyle on Animal Crossing?

I don't think there are any real answers. He'll make you pay for insurance no matter what.

On Animal Crossing what are the answers to lyle's questions?

I don't think there are any real answers. He'll make you pay for insurance no matter what.

How do you get to town on the animal crossing ds game?

There is no "town". Everything you need is in your town. Redd comes on a certain day. Lyle is on another day.

How often does crazy redd come to town on Animal Crossing?

Once a week, and you can talk to lyle on saturdays to change what time a week he comes.

When is Lyle at the roost on Animal Crossing?

Lyle is an otter (I think) full of tips about renovating your house. In Wild World he is an annoying insurance guy trying to sell you life insurance. He harasses you at your doorstep for a whole day sometimes. In City Folk he isn't nearly as irritating. Lyle runs an updated Happy Room Academy center in the city with a model room. You can mess with the letter system and cancel the sending of those annoying updates about your room and your points. You can get tips from Lyle. He adores the model room and always loves rambling about it and what he loves. Then he offers tips about how to improve your room.

Is lyle's insurance a scam in Animal Crossing wild world?

Well.. when you get stung by a bee the following day you will get 100 bells attached to a letter. This also applies if you trip or fall in a hole!! Hope this helps :D

What kind of animal is lyle from home room academy?

Lyle is a sealion

When does crazy Redd visit on Animal crossing Wild World?

On Saturdays, Lyle comes along and gives you a survey and 1 of the questions are "when do you want Crazy Redd to visit?" and your options are the days of the week. He will come from 6am~12pm the following week on that day. But personally, I don't talk to Lyle and he comes every Monday for me. Hope this helped!

Where is crazy reds store located in animal crossing wild world?

ON saturdays, ull find Lyle in front of ur house, talk 2 him and hell ask u what days u want him 2 come. Crazy Redd is ocated by town hall.

What animal is Lyle Lovette afraid of?