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Plant two flowers next to each-other and leave the entire area around both the flowers open. If something is near the flowers, they are less likely to cross breed.

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Q: How do you cross bread flowers on animal crossing wild world?
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Can you get many different flowers in Animal Crossing GameCube?

Yes, you can get many different flowers in Animal Crossing for the Gamecube. There are a lot of different combinations, but most are available only through cross-breeding your flowers.

How do you cross breed plants in Animal Crossing ds?

to cross-breed your flowers you get two of the same tipe of flowers and plant them right next to each other. then after about three or more days the cross-bred flower will be there next to the parent flowers. this really works i have an orange cosmo on my game.

How many flowers can you cross breed in Animal Crossing?

I am pretty sure you can cross breed unlimited as long as you breed ones that can breed rather than breed like a white rose and a yellow rose.

How do you cross-pollunate flowers on Animal Crossing to get blue flowers?

For pansies it is: White + White For everything it's White and White, I think. OK. I'm not sure, so please don't go saying I'm wrong. ^_^

Weirdest animal cross bread?

i believe a cat/dog is the wierdest bread

What do you get when you cross a five pigs with five deer?

An animal crossing

Why are crossings named after animals?

in Animal Crossing 'Crossing' is after 'Animal' because you move to a town full of fun-loving country people, who happen to be animals, so in 'Animal Crossing' you happen to 'cross' a bunch of animals' path who are the townspeople. Yow following me? I recently watched the animal crossing anime, It's basically based off of Animal Crossing Wild World.

What is the rare flower in animal crossing wild world?

well, there's blue, purple and black for type of flowers. You can get them by cross breeding same-type flowers. another rare flower is a gold rose. Well, it's only for a rose. No other flowers! :) now you can get that by watering a withered black rose with a golden watering can.

Animal Crossing wild world how to get blue roses?

Cross breed black and purple roses.

What are good Animal Crossing secrets?

the animals don't actually cross. they aren't even animals at all actually!

How do you get hybrid flowers in animal crossing wild world?

You can cross breed flowers to different colours depending on what you plant. ei. red+yellow roses put together make orange, red+white tulips make pink tulips ect. <-- good website.

How do you cross bread flowers?

To crossbreed flowers, you typically need to manually transfer pollen from one flower's male reproductive organ (stamen) to another flower's female reproductive organ (pistil). This can be done using a small brush or tool to transfer the pollen. Once pollinated, the flowers will then produce seeds that may exhibit traits from both parent plants.