When is the new PSP coming out?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Its Called The PSP NGP (Next Generation Portable) Its Coming Out In Holidays 2011 Heres How It Looks Like: click

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Q: When is the new PSP coming out?
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Is a new PSP version coming out?

yes, its called the psp go

What new technology coming for 2011?

psp vita

When the psp games stop coming out and the new one comes out will the old psp games be on psn?

No, unfortunately not. :/

When is skylanders on PSP coming out?

Skylanders is not coming out on the PSP.

Has Resident Evil ended?

no. there is a new game coming for the psp and 3ds. and a new movie

When is sims3 coming out on PSP?

It will not be released for PSP

When will GTAIV be coming out on PSP?

no, but there are two versions of gta for psp.

Is toystory 3 coming to psp?

Yes it is available for PSP

Is modern warfare 3 coming out on the psp?

I dont think it is coming out on the psp crap! Only the suckiest call of duty ever is on psp. they should have more call of dutys on psp

What happens if psp time out?

PSP is not going anywhere because Playstation is making a new handheld called Playstation Vita and it's coming out in February of this year.

When is the new Final Fantasy game coming out on psp?

Dissidia: Final Fantasy will be out on August 25, 2009.

Is World of Warcraft coming out for psp in November or December?

wow for psp will be coming out before the end of 2009 possibly christmas.