PSP version 6.10 eboot

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes a newsoftware that has come out psp version 6.10 for the new psp go! Now available on psp slim with new features like senseMe, a new way to enjoy your favorite music even now you can update it i already did!

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Q: PSP version 6.10 eboot
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What is called that psp thing like UCES90027?

Its the eboot pack for Go!Edit, a PSP photo editor.

How do you get Angry Birds for your PSP?

Download the ISO and Convert it to an EBOOT, then place it in your psp/game folder on your card then play.

PSP 2000 and PSP 2001?

PSP 2000 is the second PSP Version also known as the PSP slim. There is a newer version called PSP 3000 which more things were added to.

What version is PSP 1004?

their is no Version 1004 the best version is 6.20 for PSP The PSP Creator 15 High st Calafornia USA ----------Its the fat one.

How do you downgrade PSP version 4.01?

how to downgrade psp 4.01 version...i used Pandora and magic memmory but no responce from the psp?

Can you download Minecraft for psp?

There is no PSP version of Minecraft.

Will Maplestory PSP be released?

There are no plans for a PSP version of MapleStory. There is a Nintendo DS version in Korea, but it doesn't look like there is going to be a PSP version. If you are REALLY looking for a portable version of MapleStory, there is a Thief version on the iPod Touch/iPhone.

What is driffence between a PSP lite a normal PSP?

PSP lite and PSP normal? You mean the Fat and Slim versions? The slim version of the PSP is a smaller version with a few additional features. As far as I know theres no "lite" version of the PSP, they can all do the same things. And the slim is messed up >.> \

What is the latest psp version.?

The latest PSP update was 6.37

How do you put a games in the psp using a usb cable?

plug in your psp to your computer, on your psp goto the left most tab and hit usb mode. After that the computer should recognize it as a removable drive. The games go into the games psp/games folder of your memory card. (a game is a folder with an eboot file in it) If you are talking about cso files, those go in an iso folder in the root of your memory card

How do you reformat your psp v6.20 back to v6.10?

Well, if you want, you can wait a while for a hack to get CFW, or get a Pandora's Battery and a MMS (Magic Memory Stick) and revert to 1.50 and download off the internet the 6.10 EBOOT.

What PSP version can support PSP video player?

all psp support video player