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The Halloween event starts the week before and after Halloween.

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Q: When is the Halloween event on runescape?
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When is the 2009 Halloween event on RuneScape?

the Halloween event is on 26/10/09

When does the 2010 runescape Halloween event end?

About two days after Halloween.

When is the Halloween celebration coming on Runescape?

The Halloween celebration or (Halloween Event) appears in the week of Halloween or October 31.

What was the RuneScape Halloween quest released in 2008?

The quest Swept Away was released in RuneScape at the same time as the Halloween event in 2008.

How do you do a Halloween event in RuneScape?

do it on Halloween just wait close Halloween or Halloween do it on time or u have to wait and feal jealous

How do you do the 2009 runescape Halloween event?

you can''t do it now dude

What was the runescape Halloween event 2009?

It was called Web of Shadows

When does the Runescape 2009 Halloween event come out?

26th of 20149 ad!!!!

Runescape when is the 09-10 Halloween event coming out?

In 2009-2010

Where is the 2008 runescape Halloween event?

The event just came out. Date: October 28, 2008.

How do you get Eek on RuneScape?

Eeek the spider in RuneScape was given away as a holiday event item by completing the 2009 Halloween Event called Web of Shadows. It is not possible to obtain Eek any more if you have not completed the Halloween Holiday Event of 2009.

What is runescape 2009 Halloween event?

The even is Getting a spider of of the "Death's" Bathtub.