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2008 Thanksgiving event. After this event, you may kill certain birds to get them.

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Q: How do you get a cornucopia in RuneScape?
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Why do we have cornucopia?

If you have a cornucopia in RuneScape, you can fill it with lots of food to heal you. Killer5x8

Why is the cornucopia a part of Thanksgiving?

The cornucopia is a traditional thanksgiving symbol. Therefore Jagex/Runescape tied it into the holiday. Just be happy its there

After the event on runescape what birds do you kill to get a cornucopia?

You can still get the cornucopia until the 7th of December when the thanksgiving events are over. you can get it from killing chickens.

What is the name of the item that holds food in runescape do not tell me there isn't one because there is?


What can you do with a Cornucopia in RuneScape?

It was a 2008 Thanksgiving item, filling it with the required item got the emote, Turkey.

How do you unlock give thanks emote in runescape?

During Thanksgiving If You Killed A Turkey It Could Drop A Cornucopia Which Gave The Emote.

In runescape can a cornucopia be used more than once?

Yes. It has unlimited number of uses I still have mine from when they were first created.

How do you fill a cornucopia in runescape?

Simply use cooked food with it, you can't add more than 12 hp worth of food to it.

How much food can be stored in a cornucopia in runescape?

There is no limit of how many food you can store but there is a limit of Hitpoints it heals: 12. So basically you can store any food that adds up to 12 HP in there. Example: 4 Shrimps - 1 cornucopia.

What is a cornucopia on RuneScape?

You fill it with certain foods(fruit i think) and it will provide a source of food only taking up 1 inventory space.

How do you get a Cornucopia in runescape after the event?

Believe it or not, chickens drop them.yes chickens drop them i just got 1 lately but it is VERY VERY VERY rare you will ever get one

What is the collective noun for cornucopia?

The noun 'cornucopia' is a standard collective noun for a cornucopia of slugs.