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it is coming out this week but doomknight is for members only

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Q: When is doom knight coming out on aqw?
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What is a good look for AQW's doom knight?

Well it would have to be Pure red or black armor with a black or red cape and a huge battle axe.

Where can you get doom knight armor?

where do u get the doom knight armour for aqworlds?

Can you get a doom weapon from killing the doom kitten?

no you can only get it by buying the doom knight package

In Dragon Fable where is the doom slayer that make you into a doom knight?

There is no doom slayer. you need to buy it

What is the order the doomknight armor come in on dragonfable?

you first get the necrotic blade of doom then the doom knight helmet then the doom knight cape than the best of all the doom knight armor! it is awesome! hope this helps my dragon fable id is 37636005 lv 34 name is hydra :)

How do you be a knight class in aqw?

THis Class has not been implemented.

How do you get the doom knight armor?

There is nothing like that.

How do you get doom knight armor on dragonfable?

You have to order it online

Do you must be a member to use the doom knight overlord thing?


Where do you get pieces of black night aurmor on aqw?

The black knight armor shop after getting the black knight orb from his quest

How do you get the doom knight armor in dragonfable for free?

you ask your mum to buy it <{

Where can you get the ShadowReaper of doom?

In DF you buy it from the mysterious stranger for 28,000 gold. In AQW you have to defeat Undead Artix until he drops it.