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you ask your mum to buy it <{

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Q: How do you get the doom knight armor in dragonfable for free?
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How do you get free dragonlord armor in dragonfable?

Waffles hello how to get a free armor

Who will give you a free dragonfable account with doom armor and a dragon amulet?

No one, because that costs in excess of $50s no one will just give it away.

How do you get guardian armor on the game dragonfable for free?

If you have an Adventurequest account as a guardian. Then just verify it on Dragonfable

How do you get free doom weapons on Dragon Fable?

You must pay with gold on Dragonfable, since you don't have to pay for the game they're free anyhow.

How can you get free armor in dragonfable?

Take up a class (Paladin, Ninja, etc) the armour is free but normally requires a quest reward to train the armour. H-P

How do you get free money on DragonVale?

You can get dragon coins by several different ways:1.Ballyhoo occasionally gives free dragon coins in game.2. Going to the AExtra's page and completing surveys and offers will result in free dragon coins. Follow this link: Become a DragonLord will get you dragon coins.4. Buying dragon coins if you're a dragon lord, 2000 for $10.5. If you have been a DragonLord for a long enough time, getting the Doom Knight upgrade will result in a bunch of dragon coins, 10,000 per upgrade. This will also get you one of the Doom Knight items, released in this order: Necrotic Sword of Doom, Doom Knight Helm, Doom Knight Cloak, and finally Doom Knight Class.Watch movies or buy them.

How do you get DA for free in dragonfable?

no i dont think you can get a free one you have to pay for it.

I can't get a dragon amulet by killing doom kitten 200 times how can i get a dragon amulet free?

You cant actually you cant get a dragon amulet for free. There is no way the DragonFable staff would create a way to get a dragon amulet for free especially not battling the doom kitten 200 time if you want to waste your time killing it 200 times and find out for your self be my guest.........

How do you make free armor in dragonfable?

to get free armor do the following: 1.go to amityvale 2 Tuesday 3.clik quests 4. pik yoga stone circle and keep doing it until you get the chicken cow armor P.S. if you don't know who Tuesday is then go right (*5) then go up, right and right and there it is.

Do you have to buy knight online?

The game is 100% free unless you want members privledges. Members includes new weapons, quests, and armor.

Is it true that if you defeat the doom kitten on dragonfable can give you a free dragon amulet?

yes u can get a dragon amulet by taking that quest ......... and i can prove it 2 u all ...... becus i get my dragon amulet when i fininsh the quest...............

What is the best staff on dragonfable?

This is totally an opinion question, but in my opinion, I belive it is the upgraded Doom Staff.