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At Lvl. 49.

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Q: When does staraptor learn bravebird in Pokemon?
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What level does staraptor learn bravebird?

Level 49

How do you beat staraptor with bravebird?

you should get out a tough Pokemon like steelix , to take the brave bird and shrug it off then stone edge it to death

What Pokemon can learn the move bravebird?

Ah, BraveBird. The best flying type attack, even though it has big recoil damage. Lets see...... These Pokemon learn it through Level Up: Ho-oh= Level 15 Blaziken= Level 49 Starly= Level 37 Staravia= Level 43 Staraptor= Level 49 These Pokemon learn it through breeding= Pidgey Zubat Doduo Murkow Tailow Skarmory (sorry about not listing the fathers for breeding. Bulbapedia is down ATM and i cant check what fathers. -.-')

In Pokemon platinum how does staraptor learn heat wave?

Staraptor can't learn Heat Wave... Only Fire-Type Pokemon can.

How do you teach skarmory bravebird?

you have to breed a female skarmory with a male staraptor that knows brave bird

What Pokemon can learn thief in Pokemon pearl?

i think staraptor can

What Pokemon can learn brave bird?

i believe staraptor can

When does staraptor learn brave heart in Pokemon diamond?

Staraptor learns brave bird at level 49.

When does Staraptor learn Brave Bird in Pokemon Diamond?

Staraptor learns Brave Bird at Level 49.

When does Staraptor learn Close Combat in Pokemon Diamond?

at level 34

What Pokemon can learn defog on diamond?

empoleon staraptor starly staravia

How do you get Pidgey learn brave bird as well a staraptor?

Pidgey doesn't learn it unless you breed it with a pokemon that knows Brave Bird, i suggest you use a Fully evolved Staraptor, that knows Brave Bird, Staraptor learns it at level 37