When does flygon learn dragon claw?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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in the newer games it learns when it evolves and in the older games at level 60

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Q: When does flygon learn dragon claw?
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At what level does flygon learn dragon claw?

Flygon learns Dragon Claw at level 45 (in every game it features in).

Does Flygon learn Dragon claw by itself?

So far in my soulsilver dragonite does NOT learn dragon claw.But luckily it can learn dragon claw by a TM.Anyway the TM is what you need to use.

What moves does flygon learn and at what level?

flygon learns dragon claw at level 60 and learns hyper beam at level 65

What moves can flygon learn in emerald?

after flygon evolves from vibrava at level 45 it learns Dragon Claw,at level 49 it learns Sandstorm and at level 57 it learns Hyper Beam.

If a male and female Flygon know Dragon Claw can their baby Trapinch know it as well since a Flygon can normally learn it yet a Trapinch cannot until it evolves?

maybe but there is a slim chance

What moves can Flygon learn?

Flygon can learn many useful moves like Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Draco Meteor, Fire Punch, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, and U-Turn.

What Pokemon can learn dragon claw?

Many Pokemon can learn dragon claw, Any dragon Pokemon is able to leard dragon claw, if you go into your box, you can look at the summery of your Pokemon and it will tell you what type it is on the first page, if it mentions dragon it is able to learn dragon claw, for other Pokemon you can put Pokemon tyou think might beable to in your team and boot up the TM for dragon claw, it will show you if they are able to learn dragon claw.

What moves can the Pokemon flygon learn?

The moves that Flygon is capable of learning would include ones such as Sand Attack, Sonicboom, Sand Tomb, Faint Attack, Supersonic, Screech, Dragon Claw, Dragonbreath, Sandstorm, Dragon Tail, Hyper Beam, Bide, Bulldoze, Rock Slide and Earth Power.

What Pokemon can learn dragon claw in pearl excluding diagla in diamond and pearl?

Palkia and Giritina can learn dragon claw.

Can Rayquaza learn dragon claw?

Yes. Raquaza can learn TM02 Dragon Claw. Since this move is not in its learnset, you must use the TM02.

When does salamence learn dragon claw?


Where are the best dragon type team on Pokemon?

Here's a pretty strong team I used to have: Salamence Rayquaza Altaria Tyranitar - (Not Dragon but Awesome) Garchomp Flygon MOVES: Salamence; -Dragon Claw -Dragon Dance -Flamthrower -Slash Rayquaza; -Dragon Pulse -Extreme Speed -Hyper Beam -Fly Altaria; -Ice Beam -Flamethrower -Double Team -Aerial Ace Tyranitar; -Stone Edge -Shadow Claw -Earthquake -Focus Blast Garchomp; -Swords Dance -Aerial Ace -Dragon Claw -Fire Blast Flygon; -Earthquake -Sandstorm -Double Team -Dragon claw