When does Luxray learn Discharge?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Level 56. Visit for what you need. It has everything.

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Q: When does Luxray learn Discharge?
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What level does luxray learn discharge?

he learns it at level 56

What moves does luxray learn in Pokemon diamond?

thunder fang tunder discharge c harge beam

What is the last move that luxray learns?

the last move luxray knows is discharge

Can luxray learn thunder?

yes luxray can

Can luxray learn thunder punch?

no luxray cannot learn the move thunderpunch but he can learn the move thunder fang

Does luxray learn thunderbolt?

Luxray does not learn Thunderbolt by leveling, however it can be taught it using TM24.

What level does luxray learn charge beam?

Luxray does not learn charge beam by itself, you must use TM57, which holds charge beam, on your Luxray.

Can luxray in Pokemon diamond learn dark pulse?

No, Luxray cannot learn or be taught Dark Pulse.

Does luxray learn the thunder an at what level?

Luxray doesn't learn thunder at any level, you have to teach it to him/her with TM 25.

How does luxray learn superpower in platinum?

The Move Tutor can teach Luxray Superpower.

How do you get the move discharge in Pokemon?

obtained from the eighth gym leader or if you have a luxio don't let evolve until level 48 and then it will learn it. if you have let your luxio evolve (into luxray) then it will learn it at level 56. (platinum)

What moves can luxray learn?

Thunder(Tech machine) Thunder fang bite hyper beam charge beamLuxray can learn thunder fang at level 42, discharge at level 56, scary face level 49, That is all I can remember and having my luxray take in. I beat the elite four with him and my starter only.