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He was never actually 'in' it, he's like an urban legend. The updates sometimes say they 'removed Herobrine' but they're just playing into the joke.

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2013-01-12 21:48:45
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Q: When did minecraft get removed from herobrine?
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Why was herobrine removed?

He was never in Minecraft. Mojang put "Removed Herobrine" in their changelogs as a joke.

How do you keep herobrine away in Minecraft?

As of Minecraft Beta 1.6, Herobrine is removed. So no need to worry.

When was herobrine removed from Minecraft?

Herobrine was never actually added to minecraft. It was just a rumor going around.

Do you have to worry about herobrine in Minecraft?

No. There is no Herobrine in Minecraft.

Is herobine bad in reallife from Minecraft?

Herobrine Isn't real as such. He can be added manually to Minecraft by use of the Herobrine Mod. The Minecraft update log shows that they removed Herobrine every update as a sort of inside joke that no one understands.

Why did the remove Herobrine?

The 'removed Herobrine' thing on the update log is just a little joke from Mojang. Herobrine is a character from a story, he was never in Minecraft in reality.

What is anti Steve fore Minecraft?

That would be Herobrine. He is a made up minecraft character, that is Notch's dead brother. If you look at the minecraft updates you can see "-removed herobrine" in some of the updates.

Is herobrine on minecraft pe on the iPod touch?

No, herobrine is not on Minecraft PE or any other Minecraft Version/Edition. Only if you use a herobrine mod will you get herobrine.

Did notch create herobrine?

"No he did not Create herobrine and plus can i tell you something? There IS NO HEROBRINE!That's right! Herobrine is not real hes just a mod." up there is not my answer by catscr123 now my answer is that there was herobrine u can see it on minecraft "Removed all ghost entitles under lord herobrine." u can see it on the discription of the introduction of minecraft beta 1.2.5.

Did 4J Studios Remove Herobrine From Minecraft?

Herobrine was never in Minecraft.

How do you spawn herobrine in Minecraft 1.3.2?

In order to spawn Herobrine in Minecraft 1.3.2 you have to download the mod "Herobrine". Just Google "minecraft herobrine mod

How do you find herobrine in Minecraft?

You can't actually find Herobrine in Minecraft but they did make a mod for having Herobrine in it.

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