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When you play Roblox, you can move around the items in your inventory. Just click the backpack in the top left corner, drag any items you want, and presto!

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3y ago
is there a way on pc
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1mo ago
well it aint working
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1mo ago
thats why anyone is here
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because they want to figure out why it isnt working
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Emphasis on the ISNT

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Q: When I play roblox I can't move items around my inventory?
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How do you bring out your items for your place on roblox?

you cant

If you delete something from the inventory in roblox will you get your robux or tix back?

no,it can't i tried it before. in the old roblox you could now you cant srry

Why cant you access your inventory on roblox?

Actually you can, by going to My Roblox go across the gray bar and click on character. Or go to My Roblox again and click on Profile. Scroll all the way down and there you go!

If your membership expiresdo you lose your stuff a member can only buy?

No, but you cant use or equip them. They will just be items in your inventory that you cant use.

Why cant you favorite a game on roblox?

look for the star around the name, you can fav.

How do you fill your inventory with 64 items in minecraft?

Minecraft only lets you stack most items to 64, you cant place 64 different item in your inventory only 36 stacks of items. (if that's what you meant)just collect 64 of the item. not all items stack to 64 unless your using a mod that lets you.

How do you Delete an item on your inventory in club penguin?

You can't even if your a member like me you can't delete items... sorry

What is adventure mode on minecraft?

adventure mode is (mode 2) survivle mode that cant be hit, cant build/remove blocks, or get hurt. it is basicly creative, without inventory stuff (1.3.2 items orgonization but still inventory able),fly access, but with the roam at survivle.

How do you get teapot turret on roblox?

you cant get it

Do you keep your items on Club Penguin when your membership runs out?

No you cannot. But it saves in your inventory and you cant click it. When you become a member again, It is click able.This only applies for the membership items, The non-membership items are never gonna go away.

In roblox what happened if your robloxian cant talk?

you PM a adminastrator of roblox and wait for an answer

Why cant you play roblox?

It is either your Internet is down or you haven't downloaded roblox yet.