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Actually you can, by going to My Roblox go across the gray bar and click on character. Or go to My Roblox again and click on Profile. Scroll all the way down and there you go!

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Q: Why cant you access your inventory on roblox?
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If you delete something from the inventory in roblox will you get your robux or tix back?

no,it can't i tried it before. in the old roblox you could now you cant srry

How do you get to inventory on roblox?

Go to my roblox and select My Stuff.

How do you get to your inventory on Roblox?

when logged onto roblox, simply click My Roblox, once you have clicked My Roblox, another bar should pop up under that one, click My Stuff, then your inventory will pop up

Can you please help me with this on ROBLOX I wanted to get a acc banned and now i cant go on ROBLOX What happened?

This is why you do not try to get yourself banned, ever. Basically whatever you did was so evil that Roblox IP banned you. You will not be able to ever access Roblox on that PC, and there is no way to fix this.

How do you wear a ninja mask on roblox?

got to inventory

How do you wear things in your inventory on roblox?

Go to caracter. Then go to hats,heads,etc and click "wear"

How do you get cars and stuff out of your inventory on roblox?

Easy.. Go to roblox studio and on the far right is a tool that lets you get your models out of your inventory and then place them. I always do this it helps me build better with models..

How do you use the stuff in your inventory on Roblox?

you pras 1234567890 and that is it jeremiah

Where is your inventory on Roblox?

Check in the Sub-group "Stuff"into "My Roblox", it should Be there, you can always find cloths in "Character" -Lithiras-

Where is the Roblox studio?

You can access the Roblox studio from the start menu. Under all progams --> Roblox --> Roblox Studio

How do you get rid clothes you already bought on roblox?

go to them and click from inventory

How do you get teapot turret on roblox?

you cant get it