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Its development was announced in March 1999, and it came out in Japan a year later. Here is the article I used if you would like to know more :

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Q: What year did Playstation 2 console come out?
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What year was the PlayStation 2 console made?

The playstation 2 was released in the us and Canada in the year 2000

When you buy a PlayStation 2 console does it come with a memory card?

Yup, a ps2 does come with a memory card.

Why don't any games come out in PlayStation 2 anymore?

Technically games still come out for the PlayStation 2, mostly sports games. However, the reason for the lack of new releases for the PlayStation 2 is because the PlayStation 3 is the newer and better console that replaced it.

What year did the playstion 2 come out?

Sony released the exciteing new PlayStation 2 Console, in 2000, I myself was the first to get one when they came out.I Hope that answers your question.Thanks.

Can you put a PlayStation 2 in a PlayStation 1 console?

no you can not play a PS2 game in a PS1 console

Does a PlayStation 3 game disc work on a PlayStation 2 console?

No it does not

Can you play PlayStation games on a PlayStation 2 console?

yes yes

Do they have a Kingdom Hearts 3 for PlayStation 2?

No, They wont. The PlayStation 2 is An Outdated Console, and as many know, Rarely any games come out after 5+ years, so Sorry but No.

What is the meaning of 2 in?

It is the second Playstation Console released under the name Playstation

What was the next console after PlayStation 1?

They did not use the number at first because it was just called the PlayStation. The next console was the PlayStation 2 released 6 years after the 1994 PlayStation release

What Madden game year and console is best for creating an entire custom playbook?

Madden 09 for playstation 2

Can the PlayStation Portable be a game console?

The PlayStation Portable is not considered to be a game console. It would be considered as a handheld gaming device. The PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 would all be considered game consoles.