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The PlayStation Portable is not considered to be a game console. It would be considered as a handheld gaming device. The PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 would all be considered game consoles.

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Q: Can the PlayStation Portable be a game console?
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What difference between Game Boy and PlayStation?

Game Boy is a portable gaming system by Nintendo. PlayStation is a home console by Sony.

What is the meaning of PSP?

PLAYSTATION PORTABLE is the meaning of the game console which is soooo popular in this time and I'm addict at it!!!

Can you play PS1 games on a playstation portable console?


A mini-DVD which works specifically with the PlayStation Portable handheld game console?

They are called UMD's, Universal Media Disc.

What is a Sony PlayStation?

Its a games console made by Sony and you can play games on it. It is also the name used for the complete series of consoles and portable game players that came after the original Playstation.

Can you put a PlayStation game inside a PlayStation Portable?

Obviously not.

Will Smackdown vs Raw be on psp?

Yes, every year there is a WWE game on every single console, including psp (PlayStation Portable).

Can you put a PlayStation 2 in a PlayStation 1 console?

no you can not play a PS2 game in a PS1 console

Can the PlayStation portable Game share With the PlayStation 2 slim?


What is the difference between a PSP and Nintendo?

A PSP (PlayStation Portable) is an older model handheld console from Sony Computer Entertainment INC and sold under the PlayStation family of products, while Nintendo is the name for the product line that includes the Wii console and newer Nintendo Wii U console and the Nintendo DS and newer Nintendo 3DS portable game players.

Is Littlebigplanet game for PlayStation portable?

There is a LittleBigPlanet for the Playstation Portable and in June 2012 there will be one in a PS Vita Version

Does a PlayStation 3 game disc work on a PlayStation 2 console?

No it does not

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