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Q: What word do you use to describe someone who has done a great thing?
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What makes someone great?

Someone is great if they have done something that is a record or if it saves other people.

What does reprocate mean?

Reciprocate means to do something back to someone who has done the same, or similar, thing for you. It also means to have the same feelings for someone. It is also used to describe something that moves back and forth in the same fashion.

What is the first thing must be done when critiquing?

Look at the work of art and describe what you see

Is spitting on someone's face a southern thing?

No spitting in somones face is not a southern thing i am from Ohio and i have done it before and i have seen it done...

What is a silly willy?

Someone who has done/thought a stupid thing.

If someone asks If I didn't ask you to get something done Would you have done it Is it correct if the the person had not asked to get the thing done and the thing asked to do was not done?

No, i wouldn't have done it because they didn't ask me to. Yes, it would be correct.

What is the first thing that must be done when critiquing art?

Look at the work of art and describe what you see

What is the treatment for someone who has Ebola?

The only thing that can be done is what are called supportive measures. That is fluids.

What is the first thing that should be done whenever there is an accident in the labortory?

Report it to someone in authority.

It always seems impossible until its done?

A lot of things always seem impossible until they are done. The great thing is, is that once they are done a big relief is felt by all. A great sense of accomplishment can be had.

An example of an legend in your pwn word's?

a legend to me would be is someone who has done great things in life or has accomlished great things

Why was electing George Washington the first thing the congress has done?

they needed to have someone in charge of the country