Can Minecraft be your hobby

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, a hobby is "An activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure."

Yes, that seems to describe minecraft for some people very well.

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Q: Can Minecraft be your hobby
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Is a drawing a hobby?

I Also love to draw minecraft characters with step by step instructions from the ttp:// I finish my drawing in 15 minutes, not more.

Is hobby a predicate adjective or adjective?

The word "hobby" like a hobby you have, for example "collecting sea glass is my hobby", the word hobby is a noun. Though in the phrase 'hobby horse' it serves as an adjective.

How do you put hobby in a sentence?

She collected bugs as a hobby. Her hobby was sewing.

What is the Spanish word for Hobby?

hobby = el hobby or el pasatiempo

Is imagation a hobby?

Imagation Is A Hobby

What is a meerkats hobby?

there hobby is to run.

How can you visit the hobby lots in Sims 2 for PC?

Get about 5 hobby points on whatever hobby you are having your sims do and then a hobby sim will come and say that they can go to the secret hobby lot.

Was ist ihr Hobby?

"Was ist ihr Hobby" in German means "What is her hobby?" in English.

pvz or minecraft?


Is hobby an action?

No the word hobby is a noun, you cannot 'hobby' something or someone egHe hobbied the cake.So it is not a verb. There is no verb form for hobby.

What is bowwow hobby?


Is bike riding a hobby?

Yes it can be a hobby.