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blastoise LV.84, charizard LV.84, venusaur LV. 84, pikachu LV.88, lapras LV.80, snorlax i think LV.82

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Q: What were all the Pokemon that ash used?
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How do you use the item Sacred Ash in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Sacred ash can be used to revive all fainted Pokemon in your party.

What is Drake's fourth Pokemon used against Ash?

Venusaur is the fourth Pokemon used against Ash.

How do you complete movie event in Pokemon ash gray?

Ash catches all the pokemon

What Pokemon is used by ash?

he uses all types of pokemons he doesnt have a specific pokemon except for his pikschu he always has him

Is Eucalypt Ash more fertile than Wattle Ash and why?

Is Eucalypt Ash more fertile than Wattleyes because wattle ash has all electric Pokemon and eucalypt ash has water all Pokemon

Did Ash collect all the Pokemon?

Nope, Ash hasn't collected all of the Pokémon.

What do you mean naming all the pokemon's ash?

I don't quite know what you mean but if you mean all the Pokemon ash has then there is an action replay code for it

What episode of Pokemon does ash battle lance?

ash does not face lance at all

All legendary Pokemon that ash has seen?

Not counting the pokemon from Unova, all of them but Raikou.

Who is ash the Pokemon trainer?

he is the main character of all the Pokemon shows

How many Pokemon does Ash have?

Ash currently has 29 Pokemon. Ash has had

What are all the episodes of Pokemon where Ash appears barefoot?

pokemon black and white