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Not counting the pokemon from Unova, all of them but Raikou.

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Q: All legendary Pokemon that ash has seen?
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What if ash caught a legendary Pokemon?

If he does, he will be selfish and he will have no compassion.

Will ash ever catch a legendary Pokemon?

no not even close

Does ash catch a legendary pokemon?

no he doesn' least not yet.

Did Ash get any legendary Pokemon?

No, Ash hasn't gotten any legendary Pokémon. --- Actually... Yes, but only temporarily (Zekrom/Reshiram in their films)

Will latias from Pokemon hero ever be ash's new Pokemon?

It's very unlikely. Latias is legendary, and if they were going to let Ash use, legendary Pokémon, they would have done so by now.

Does ash ever catch a legendary Pokemon?

no he doesn' least not yet.

What Episode of Pokemon Did Ash see a legendary Pokemon?

Episode 1. He saw Ho-oh

Will ash ever capture a legendary Pokemon?

ash is dum hes not good enough to catch one lolz

Is ash kechum still 10?

yes ash is still ten and he always will be be cause he meet that legendary pokemon.

Does ash catch a legendary Pokemon in season 12?

no, he catches a digimon though

What was the first legendary Pokemon ash encountered?

Ho-oh First Episode

Did ash have legendary pokemon's?

nope. hes toi involved in saving and nursing Pokemon to catch a legend.