Is ash kechum still 10

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes ash is still ten and he always will be be cause he meet that legendary pokemon.

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Q: Is ash kechum still 10
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What is an iconic figure?

Ash kechum newtest3 newtest3

What is Rachel Goodridge's real name?

i believe it is Ash Kechum

In the Pokemon serries How old is Ash Kechum now?

17 years old, if I have counted properly.

Does ash kechum ever lose a Pokemon battle?

Yes he has lost a few battles b4 But the more battles he loses the more stronger he gets after he loses a battle he trains like crazy just to beat the person he lost to

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl how old is ash?

10. Always 10. Even when he's 11 he's still 10.

How old is ash ketchum in diamond an pearl?

He should be 13, however sources say he's STILL 10

Where Pokemon ash stay after he had a daughter?

Ash doesn't have a daughter and is not married; he is still 10. His Pokemon stay at Professor Oak's Lab, except his Unova Pokemon stay with Professor Juniper.

Ash and misty get married in Pokemon?

NO?! Ash is still ten years old, believe it or not. But it was announced by thenarrator in season 14 Black & White Version on the First episode.I've seen the first episode of Black and White and no they don't get married. I think ash should be with Dawn just because there alike and she is better looking and WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS ASH IS STILL 10......I think????

Who is older ash or dawn?

when Pokemon first started, ash was 10. as of now, dawn is a 10 year old. technically, ash is older.

How tall is Ash Finley?

Ash Finley is 5' 10".

What happens if you beat red in Pokemon heart gold?

The only things that happen after you beat Red are that you are given the Kanto and Hoenn starters from Oak (in his lab) and Steven Stone (in Silph co.) Otherwise, congratulations! You just beat the hardest trainer in the game... and showed Ash Kechum who's boss.

What is ash's age?

He is 10.