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NO?! Ash is still ten years old, believe it or not. But it was announced by the

narrator in season 14 Black & White Version on the First episode.

I've seen the first episode of Black and White and no they don't get married. I think ash should be with Dawn just because there alike and she is better looking and WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS ASH IS STILL 10......I think????

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Q: Ash and misty get married in Pokemon?
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Ash and misty married at the final episode of Pokemon?


In Pokemon do Ash and MIsty love each other?

Yes, MIsty loves Ash. MIsty belongs to Ash. Remember in the Pokemon episode "Heartbreak of Brock" MIsty said to Ash "someday you and I will be married". You know that Misty and Brock are Ash's good friends along with his Pikachu.

In Pokemon did Ash like Misty as a friend?

In the Original Pokemon series, Misty did like Ash as a friend. To be honest, Misty really liked Ash.

Does ash ketchum and misty may dawn kiss in 1 episode of Pokemon?

misty does like ash but no one in Pokemon

In Pokemon is Misty totally in love with Ash?

Misty always loved Ash, even when they met.

Pokemon Does Ash go out with Misty?


Are dawn and ash planing to get married?

no ash and dawn do not planing to get married ash and may planing to get married not ash and dawn or ash and misty

Will ash misty ever get together?

I guess Ash will marry Misty, because how I know is I heard Misty's best friends are her togepi and Ash. Even in Misty's Song Ash and Misty sounded romantic. Besides Misty is one of my favorite Pokemon trainers.

Who is Ash from Pokemon going to pick Misty May or Dawn?

If i was Ash i would pick Misty XD

Is Misty Pikachu?

no....Misty is not a pokemon....She's the friend of Ash and Brock

Do you miss the original Pokemon?

I miss the original Pokemon with Ash, Misty, and Brock. Pokemon used to be amazing, and now it's changed over the years. I really miss the original Pokemon. I love Misty and I miss Misty. Pokemon used to be awesome. The new Pokemon is just not the same. I miss the old Pokemon adventures with Misty and Ash. Misty and Ash need to back together again. IT would be awesome if CN brings back the original Pokemon with Ash, Misty, and Brock for some reruns.

In which Pokemon episode ash see misty back?

I don't know?However Misty hasn't been with Ash in any new episodes lately.I wish Misty was with Ash again.I can see pictures of Ash and Misty in love at the internet.I can see Misty in reran Pokemon episodes such as Pokemon I Choose You, Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village, Charmander the Stray Pokemon, and Here Comes the Squirtle Squad.I can also see Misty in old Pokemon movies such as Pokemon the First Movie, Pokemon the Movie 2000, and Pokemon 3 the Movie.