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no ash and dawn do not planing to get married ash and may planing to get married not ash and dawn or ash and misty

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Q: Are dawn and ash planing to get married?
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Will ash and may get married?

yes ash and may will get married

Does dawn like ash?

In the windmill episode with Laura, she had asked Dawn about her relationship with Ash, and she was defensive about it, meaning she may have some feelings for Ash. And many other characters have noticed this about the pair, even Kenny noticed this and let Dawn go with Ash. In short, Dawn may have liked Ash, but as Ash can only think of Pokemon, he is not likely going to notice any girls like that for a very long time.

Who will ash married?

I can't be sure who Ash marries because there is no episode where he is old enough to be married yet, but in the episode "The Heartbreak of Brock," Ash says he wonders what it would be like if Brock was married, and Misty said to ash "Some day we'll be married," but then realizes what she said and kind of blushes when Ash looks at her in suprise, shock and (admiration). I dothink Ash will marry Misty because it was always meant to be and they secretly have a huge crush on each other. Ash also will marry Mist because she is strong, independant, beautiful, and is a very good Pokemon trainer, unlike May and Dawn. May and Dawn are pretty baby-ish. THey really can't fend for themselves, they're such girly-girls, and all they care about is showing off their Pokemon like they're little dress-up dolls. Misty ♥ Ash forever.

Did Ash Ever Kiss Dawn?

no, as far as i know

In what episode does ash leaves dawn?

I think he saved her on Pokemon movie rise of darkai or arceus jewel of life

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Will ash and dawn get marred someday on Pokemon?

Someday they will get married

Do ash and dawn get married?

Well, I think about that, but this is the best idea.

Are ash and dawn going to get married or are thay at least going to kiss?

Yes right now their young but someday they will get married soon and they kiss in Japanese version can't wait to see Ash And Dawn Kiss and getting married and starting a Family

Does ash have a crush on dawn?

"Well,...Dawn does have a crush on Ash". And all i can say is that if you see some video's of them. They are so in love with each other. They will probably get married when dawn have 5 contest ribbons and when ash gets his 8 badge. Then they are going to celebrate. Kiss each other and will have a lot of kids.

Whoe's dawn's real boyfriend in Pokemon?

In Pokemon Dawn's boyfriend is Ash. Dawn doesn't want to tell him but ash knows. In the movie Pokemon Jiratchi wish maker Ash says he misses a friend very much and started to cry. Ash was talking to Max at that moment. Max left Ash alone. Ash was talking about Dawn. Dawn likes Ash because Ash is amazing at traing his Pokemon so Dawn works hard to make Ash proud but Ash knows Dawn fancies him so that is why he fancies her. Brock is jeulos. Ash and Dawn have a bright future.

Will Dawn be with Ash and Brock in Isshu?

dawn will not be with ash and the same goes with brock

Dose ash think dawn is a hottie?

Yes, maybe but ash thinks misty is beautiful in her kimono, but dawn is nicer to ash, so yes ash thinks dawn is a hottie.

Does ash and dawn like each other in the show Pokemon?

Dawn likes Ash

Does ash marry dawn?

I'm pretty sure they don't get married, since they're both only teenagers.

Dose dawn like ash?

I think so. And I think Ash likes Dawn too

On Pokemon does dawn kiss ash and if she does what episode?

I don't think Dawn will ever kiss Ash nor Ash will kiss Dawn. They're just friends that's all.

How close is Ash to Dawn?

Currently, Ash and Dawn are just friends. Ash and Dawn are not in a serious relationship, as indicated by the television series, but rather are just good friends.