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Q: What was the scrapped substance in minecraft 1.3 and was replaced with emeralds?
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What is Star Wars battlefront 3 release date?

I am not sure but to the best of my knowledge they either scrapped battlefront 3 or it will release sometime around 2010. It's going to be for all systems!

Who is princess peach's sister?

Princess peach does not have a sister, Princess Daisy is in fact another princess from Sarasaraland. In early concepts Princess Rosalina was meant to be Princess's Peach's sister but the idea was scrapped

What happened to metal sonic at the end of sonic heroes?

This is uncertain. Metal Sonic is last seen in Sonic Heroes after he deactivates upon being defeated. He is picked up at the end by E-123 Omega, who exchanges a glance with Shadow. But, no further reference is made to him in the next game in the main series, Shadow the Hedgehog. Therefore, it is probable that Omega didn't keep him. Several things then are possible: * He is destroyed by Omega and/or Shadow. Omega would do it to prove that he is the strongest of all Eggman's robots and Shadow might do it out of revenge. The Chaos Emeralds, which had the power to return Shadow's memories, were instead used by Sonic to turn into his super form to stop Metal Sonic/Neo Metal Sonic/Metal Madness/Metal Overlord. It is possible that Shadow thought that he could do this without the aid of the Emeralds. If he could, then he could have used the emeralds to restore his memory. Shadow has less of a motive, though. * He is left on the Airship, which is subsequently scrapped. The Armada is never seen of again, so Eggman probably just destroyed it or recycled it. In this process he could have either destroyed or found Metal. * Eggman found him after Escaping the Chaotix. This could tie in with the above, but it is possible on its own. Eggman would probably just reprogram his creation and ready him for use again. Metal Sonic makes appearances afterwards in the Sonic Rivals series. However, these games may not be canon, as they are on the handheld sereis (which could split after Sonic Adventure 2, but still have key events of other games). Overall, it is probable that Metal Sonic survived, and is now in the possession of his creator, Doctor Eggman.

Is the episode of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Dawn being foot-tickled is out in US or is the episode still airing in Japan And is that what the name of episode is called The Foot Tickled Trio of Words?

Sadly the episode was scrapped. It doesn't exist in Japan OR in the US.

Why wasnt sally acorn in the sonic video games?

She is in Sonic Spinball, and would of been in the scrapped American Sonic games. And she most likely will not be in any Sonic game soon, reason why is SEGA of Japan has full control over SEGA of America nowadays.