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This is uncertain. Metal Sonic is last seen in Sonic Heroes after he deactivates upon being defeated. He is picked up at the end by E-123 Omega, who exchanges a glance with Shadow. But, no further reference is made to him in the next game in the main series, Shadow the Hedgehog. Therefore, it is probable that Omega didn't keep him. Several things then are possible: * He is destroyed by Omega and/or Shadow. Omega would do it to prove that he is the strongest of all Eggman's robots and Shadow might do it out of revenge. The Chaos Emeralds, which had the power to return Shadow's memories, were instead used by Sonic to turn into his super form to stop Metal Sonic/Neo Metal Sonic/Metal Madness/Metal Overlord. It is possible that Shadow thought that he could do this without the aid of the Emeralds. If he could, then he could have used the emeralds to restore his memory. Shadow has less of a motive, though. * He is left on the Airship, which is subsequently scrapped. The Armada is never seen of again, so Eggman probably just destroyed it or recycled it. In this process he could have either destroyed or found Metal. * Eggman found him after Escaping the Chaotix. This could tie in with the above, but it is possible on its own. Eggman would probably just reprogram his creation and ready him for use again. Metal Sonic makes appearances afterwards in the Sonic Rivals series. However, these games may not be canon, as they are on the handheld sereis (which could split after Sonic Adventure 2, but still have key events of other games). Overall, it is probable that Metal Sonic survived, and is now in the possession of his creator, Doctor Eggman.

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Q: What happened to metal sonic at the end of sonic heroes?
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What happened to mighty and ray from Sonic the Hedgehog?

They did end up on Chaotix in Knuckles Chaotix, but they were probably taken out in Sonic Heroes because there could only be teams of 3.

How did shadow end up that machine in sonic heroes?

He is a robot who was cloned and he tries to find out about what happened to him in a LOT of games when the answer is hidden in Rouge`s head.

What sersies did Sonic save Amy for metal Sonic?

On Sonic CD sonic save Amy at stardust speedway after sonic vs metal sonic race and at the end of the game when sonic defend dr.Robotnik.

Is Sonic Heroes better than Sonic the Hedgehog?

Whilst this is ultimately your decision to make in the end, based on the results of critical reviews, Sonic Heroes appears to be the better game as it has received higher scoring.

What do the gold keys do on Sonic Heroes?

they send u to a special stage at the end of a level if u get hurt before the end of a stage u lose it

How do you unlock the chalengers in Mario and Sonic at the olympic winter games?

to unlock bowser jr and metal sonic you need to complete the game and at the end bowser jr and metal sonic agree to put green missions on all of the towns and islands complete all of them then bowser dr eggman bowser jr and metal sonic join you

Does Amy ever kiss Sonic?

Amy might get a game of her own, where she has to rescue Sonic from Eggman & Metal Sonic, in the end she will chase him into the sunset, but this time she will actualy CATCH him. Then she will kiss him.

Why didn't sonic help Amy at the end of the heroes story in sonic riders?

He did help quote yet he made her fly upwards with eggman, she came back down and yelled at him and bonked him with her hammer.

How do you unlock final mode on sonic riders?

You have to have completed heroes story and then at the very end of the babylon's story,is the final boss,which is a ghost guardian.

What Sonic game was made in 2003?

A small number of Sonic games were released in 2003, most notably was Sonic Heroes, which was released at the very end of the year, December 30 2003. The other games were Sonic Pinball Party, debuting June 1 and Sonic Battle debuting in Japan on December 4th.

Does Shadow The Hedgehog The Movie end with Sonic Heroes?

I'm not sure.I'm two levels away so when I finish the game I'll give a report.

Can you be super sonic in sonic haroes?

I think so in the ending battle against metal sonic you turn into supersonic after using team rose, then team choatix, then team dark to help deafeat and then you become supersonic at the end and eventually destroy him.