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When the PS3 was first released it cost 599 US dollars and only a limited number were produced. This was outrageous to most as a console had never been sold for that much, ever. Another model of PS3 was quickly introduced after a few months costing only 499 US dollars.

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Q: What was the original price of the PS3?
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Which is cheaper in price the new PS3 or the old PS3?

The new ps3 is a bit more expensive, but they've lowered the price of the original to 299$, but, if you sign up for the Sony credit card, you get 100$ off the purchase of a ps3, slim or original. I think it's ironic because now I can get a ps3 for 199$ when I paid 250 for my Wii. And 500$ for my ps3, but I have to say it's well worth the money.

What stores have black ops hardened edition?

None only maybe a collector's shop. They have some for sale on amazon at 3 times original price for PS3 and twice original price for Xbox 360

What is the price of PlayStation 3 in Kuwait?

price of ps3 320 gb price of ps3 160gb

What is the price of PS3 now?

I'm guessing the Price of the ps3 is like what $300

What is the price of PS3 slim in Canada?

the price of ps3 slim is $299.99 in Canada.

Where is a PS3 manufactured?

The original ps3 was made in Japan.

Do ps2 games work in a PS3?

only on the original ps3

Which one is more powerful the PS3 or the PS3 slim?

The original PS3 is "technically" superior. But, the PS3 slim consumes less power, and is smaller. There isn't as much heat with the slim... Personally, I prefer the Original PS3 over the slim.

What was the ps3 first price?

The Price was $599 which is about £380

What is the original price of a coat if the new price is 18.00 with 15 percent off?

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Is there any difference between the original PS3 and the slim PS3?

Yes, there are a few minor differences between the two. The original PS3 takes up a lot more energy to run than the slim PS3 does. Also the original PS3 has a much larger and noisier fan than the slim PS3. However, there is no difference in the preformance of either version.

What is an average price for a used PS3?

The average price of a used PS3 will depend on where one is purchasing and what condition the PS3 is in. In the United States a used PS3 in good condition can be purchased for around $150 to $200.