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The average price of a used PS3 will depend on where one is purchasing and what condition the PS3 is in. In the United States a used PS3 in good condition can be purchased for around $150 to $200.

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Q: What is an average price for a used PS3?
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What's the average price for a PS3 Controller Power Charger Stand?

The average price for the power charger stand on a PS3 is around $8.99.

What is the price of a used PS3?

Used prices are not consistent and there are many PS3 models all in a different condition and some includes games on the harddrive

What is the price of PlayStation 3 in Kuwait?

price of ps3 320 gb price of ps3 160gb

What is the price of PS3 now?

I'm guessing the Price of the ps3 is like what $300

What is the price of PS3 slim in Canada?

the price of ps3 slim is $299.99 in Canada.

What are the average prices of PS3 games and average price for PS3?

The average price for newly released games is the full retail price of just under $60 with little or no discount offered. After the games have been out for a while the prices can decrease and it may pay to shop around. Stores have greater price flexibility on Games and accessories than they do with the PS3 game console. Stores may even bundle the older games in groups and let you have one free when you purchase two at the already reduced price of $20 a game. Used games can be purchased on Ebay at greatly reduced prices or for more than you would pay for a new game that has been reduced. The average price of the PS3 is Set by Sony and is the retail price of 249.99 for the PS3 slim 160GB model and $50 more for the PS3 320 GB model that often includes a game. Stores sometimes offer package deals which allow them greater price flexibility. Even Sony offers deals and has PS3 bundles. see related links The 320 GB Uncharted 3 or MW3 bundle is $299.99 The PS3 320 GB + Move Bundle is $349.99 and the PS3 160 GB is $249.99 on August 4 2012 essentially the same as a year ago

Should you buy a new or used ps3?

You should purchase a new PS3 unless you are offered a steep decrease in the price. Currently the 320 GB PS3 is being sold with a uncharted 3 game for $299 and the PS3 160 GB model is $249.99 and I have already seen an ad for a black Friday bundle at that price.

What was the ps3 first price?

The Price was $599 which is about £380

What is the price of a PS3 Fat?

The PS3 Fat or older model price is normally for a used and reconditioned models.The price is determined by Model number and harddrive size with the 40 GB model having the lowest price. Because of later system changes the 20 GB model commands the highest price except for the 60 GB model that was released with it. The 60GB and 80 GB that also have 4 USB ports like the first model have the next highest level price. Even though these are used machines without a guaranteed lifespan they can sell for as much or more than the New PS3 slim models USA retail Price of $299.99. Prices of new PS3 are now against the PS4 pricing with many more used PS3 models on the market and the harddrives on new models of both are 500 GB.If you don't need a Fat PS3 look for a PS3 slim Bundle because of the resale price of the used PS3 game consoles and the price reduction for the new slim models. No PS3 model from the before the slim model is still in production and only old store stock or newly found warehouse inventory for the Fat PS3 exists in new condition. NMow the latest PS3 is sometimes called the super slim and the orginal slim ,odels are also mnot in production. Sites like amazon have vendors selling the first PS3 in new condition, but they are meant for the collectible market and are often over $1000 sometimes much higher

What is the average price of a used pickup truck?

The average price of used pickups varies based on the size of pickup you're looking for. Also, the age of the pickup you are looking for also causes a lot of variation in price. The average price of a medium-sized used pickup is about $11,000.

How much does a 80 GB ps3 cost right now?

The price varies because they would be used

How many Ps3 sold every year?

PS3 has sold 33 million or an average of 11 million a year. Sales of PS3 are expected to climb with the release of the PS3 slim model 120 GB for only $299.99 USA retail price and $50 more for the 250 GB model