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The concept of the Pokémon universe, in both the Video Games and the general fictional world of Pokémon, stems from the hobby of insect collecting.

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Q: What was the first idea to start Pokemon?
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Can you trade Pokemon when you first start Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes From Tate Mistaglia

Pokemon LeafGreen when you push start it doesnt have Pokemon?

The Pokemon menu won't appear until you receive your first Pokemon.

Are Pokemon stronger if you start from first evolution or if you pick up from last?

It depends on what the Pokemon is.

How do you get glister in Pokemon black?

well, first you should find a Pokemon that exists. and start from there.

What is an idea level for your Pokemon to be after you defeat the first gym leader In Pokemon Heartgold and or Soulsilver?

train them a lot to around 20

How do you get a water type Pokemon in crystal?

The first water type Pokemon that you can get is Totodile which is one of the starter Pokemon.

What is a Pokemon masteon Pokemon emerald?

I have no idea what a masteon is. I have no idea what a masteon is.

How do you find out your number on Pokemon?

ok first click start then click on one of your Pokemon and summary. Then on the first page of your pokemons summary it will say id number. that is the number of the Pokemon

How do you design an analog electronic circuit?

First you start with an idea of what the circuit will do.

What is the first thing you need to start a business?

Probably, an idea or concept.

Wherw is joyspots in Pokemon emeralid?

on the first city where you start the game

Can anyone give or make an cheat that gives you all three starters from Pokemon pearl?

well this isn't exacly a cheat, but it is a very good idea and it works. First start your game and choose one of the starters, Secondly talk a friend who just got the game into trading one of your Pokemon for a starter Pokemon. then after you trade, your friend can delete their game and start again with the starter Pokemon you don't have, then trade again! Then... Viola! you have all three!