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first you go to the very first screen where it says to push start then you press start and it says mystery gift go to it and there you are

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Q: On Pokemon diamond how to open mystery gift?
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In Pokemon Diamond how do you get Darkrai without cheats?

Get the key from Mystery Gift and open the door in caveport that is locked.

How do you open Mystery Gift in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is no mysteri gift

How do you a get mystery gift from your friend on Pokemon Pearl or Diamond?

You just have to open the mystery gift menu on both games and you and your friend will get a gift. It could be anything .New Pokemon or place.

What is the ar code for Pokemon diamond for the gamestop event Shiny Beasts I REALLY need it?

You don't need a code. You unlock Mystery Gift, go to Gamestop, then open menu, go to Mystery Gift, receive gift, and you get it.

Is it too late to get mystery gifts through WiFi connection on diamond version Pokemon by 2008 year?

it is NEVER too late mystery gift will last it will last until you die and when you have a child mystery gift will still be open. so now you know mystery gift will never end.

How do you open harbor Inn in Pokemon platinum?

you need a mystery gift

How do you open the mystery gift on Pokemon emerald?

easy just get a wirless adapder

How do you open the mystery gift in Pokemon Pearl?

When you receive it, go play Pokemon Pearl and go to the pokemart.

How can you open the mystery gift on pearl?

you have to either get it from a friend by connecting with someone tht has the same game with u and is close to u or use the internet firstly connect your ds to the internet. then click open mystery gift after your mystery gift has been received you have to go to a Pokemon market to obtain the reward. there should be a man next to the counter and he will give you the gift. you can enter any Pokemon mart to do this

How do you open the door in old lady hose in seven island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need to Get a mystery gift

How do you open a mystery gift in Pokemon pearl?

go into the poke'mart there will be a guy in green he will give u the gift Note:in HG and SS the guy is red

How do you get to new moon island on diamond version?

you cant but you can get the item to open the locked door in canalave city only by mystery gift