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You can buy petz 5 or download the free trial :) Or you can got to

Or you can see:

  • Felix a great virtual cat site from the U.K. sponsored by Purina
  • Meow Pal virtual cat from Meow Mix
  • ShowCats virtual cat game from makers of ShowDog
  • Kitten Tracks virtual cat
  • Pure Felinity buy, sell, breed and show virtual cats. Genetic traits are passed on.
  • Catsup Cat SIM game - in Sept 2007 URL said it was Closed
  • Virtual Kitty has lots of advertisements
  • Cat Tails cat shows
  • Mweor fantasy cats
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Q: What virtual world can you go to adopt a virtual kitten or a cat?
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What person comes on monday in Animal Crossing wild world?

you can have wendell, saharah or the kitten/cat come to your town. Kitten is Katie cat is kaitlyn her mom and depending on if you do wifi or ds to ds you can have a friend or blanca who is a cat that has no face or a face from another town Your welcome kids and old people who play animal crossing Ha Ha some one called someone old people HI OLD PEOPLE

How can you raise a kitten on RuneScape?

You must have completed Gertrude's Cat to receive a kitten. This is a very easy quest and should only take 15-20 minutes. As a reward for the quest, you will get your very own kitten. To raise your cat, all you must do is let it follow you around runescape, feeding it and playing with it while it is growing.

Quests you have to do to get a hell kitten on runescape?

The quest is Recipe for Diaster (RFD). You must save one of the people there. To finish it you need 175 QPs, but you can start it now. And get your hell cat/kitten.

How do you get in evil Daves lair in rs?

You must have started the quest: Recipe for Disaster, in order to get into his lair (basement). You can start the quest by speaking to the cook in Lumbridge castle and just follow his instructions and gather the supplies needed to make a "Dirty Blast" (use the Grand Exchange for supplies). Once you helped him out, you still have to follow the quest!Once you get to the part where everything and everyone is stuck in time (Besides you for some reason) in the dining room, you will then have to help everyone get unstuck from the spell of the Gypsy. (Lucky you)At that point you can click on Evil Dave and start his mini section of the quest.Note: You must have finished both quests: Gertrudes Cat AND Shadow of The Storm. and have a Kitten/Cat.( other Summoning pets DO NOT WORK!)Once you find out what will free Evil Dave from the spell, go to Evil Daves lair (In Edgeville across from the bank) with your kitten/cat and speak to Doris (His mother sadly). Go down the trap door and you will see things scurrying on the ground, these are "Hell Rats". It might be a little bit confusing at this point because Evil Dave is already down in his lair, but it does make sense if you followed the storyline.If all you wanted to do was get into his lair, good job. But you still can finish that fairly simple quest and get some cool surprises at the end of Evil Daves story.Note: If you do have a kitten or a cat and want to finish it, you must have your kitten/cat kill the Hell Rats. By killing the Hell Rats, your kitten/cat will thus turn into a Hell kitten or a Hell cat! If you don't like your new Hell kitten/cat (who wouldn't?) for some reason you can feed it a Bucket of Milk and your Hell kitten/cat will then be turned back into your old and normal kitten/cat. If your Hell kitten ran away for some odd reason you can get another one from Gertrude and catch more Hell Rats back in Evil Daves Lair.Hopefully that answered your question and them some, to further your knowledge in the world of RuneScape.

How do you make a cat have a baby on sims 2 PC?

Make sure you have both a male and female cat and that there is room in your home for more members of the family. Here are the steps *Cat must have a great relationship with other cat you want it to mate with *The sim who asks the cat to try for kitten, the cat must have a great relationship with that sim or they will reject the request *make sure you have a dog house of some sort If you have those things then just have the sim click on the cat they have a great relationship with and then click try for kitten or something to that effect. It is the same thing like the dogs.

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Where can one adopt a kitten in Houston?

There are many places one can adopt a kitten in Houston. There are many cat breeders who live in Houston as well as several animal shelters such as Happy Cat Adoptions and the Houston Humane Society.

What shelter will let you adopt a cat or kitten for free?

No shelter will allow you to adopt for free. The newspaper and Craigslist, however, are overflowing with ads for free cats and kittens.

Is it better to get a kitten at Petco or petsmart?

really depends on what cat you want to adopt.

If your cat is getting loney and your don't want to let her have kittens so if you adopt a kitten once shes old enough to be a mother would it work or would she just deney the kitten?

There's no telling. If you rub something your old cat lies on onto the kitten, the kitten might be accepted. Good luck!

What should you get instead of a kitten?

Adopt an older cat! There are way too many cats that are abandoned in shelters to be buying kittens from breeders.

What is a kitten?

A kitten is a small mammal that is the offspring of an adult cat.

Kitten or cub what is a baby cat?


Do you have to own a house to adopt a kitten?

Of course not! It's perfectly okay for a cat to live anywhere, as long as they are properly taken care of and loved.

How do I get my cat to accept the new kitten?

Let your cat come to your kitten Put your kitten to your cat or just innovating Or your cat was jealous Hope it helps :)

How do you say cat or kitten in Dutch?

Cat = kat, or if it is a female one: Poes Kitten = kitten

What comes first the cat or the kitten?

the kitten is a baby cat. So the kitten comes 1st.

What is called when this world is given a baby cat?

the circle of life...a kitten