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you can have wendell, saharah or the kitten/cat come to your town.

Kitten is Katie cat is kaitlyn her mom and depending on if you do wifi or ds to ds you can have a friend or blanca who is a cat that has no face or a face from another town

Your welcome kids and old people who play Animal Crossing Ha Ha some one called someone old people HI OLD PEOPLE

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Q: What person comes on monday in Animal Crossing wild world?
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When is the acorn festival on animal crossing wild world?

it comes around in February but i do not know the date but it is on monday!

What is one of the days when Pascal comes on animal crossing?

Pascal comes from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. once a week every week on Monday-Friday.

When does Wendel come to your Animal crossing town?

Wendel comes on any random weekday (Monday-Friday). Which means he does not come to your town on Saturday or Sunday.

When does pascal come in animal crossing wild world?

Pascal comes on a random day once a week Monday to Friday, at 6:00am to 12:00am

Is there a specific date where wisp comes on animal crossing?

No, He just comes out randomly

When does shrink come to your animal crossing town?

He comes randomly

When does Wendal come to your Animal Crossing town?

wendal comes on wednesdays

What shop comes after nookingtonS on animal crossing?

Sorry, It is the best store you can get. :(

When does wendell come on Animal Crossing?

He comes randomly. He really likes Bananas, cherries, grapes, berries, stawberries and mango. You can get all these fruit from Gannisa the Zebra. She comes to animal crossing on special days but nobody knows when cause I heard that shes like an new animal that was made by the people who made animal crossing.

Who is Katrina in Animal Crossing ds?

She is the fortune teller who can tell you your compatibility with another person or predict how your day will be. (good or bad). She comes with her tent on a weekday.

How do you get Katie on Animal Crossing?

She comes randomly after you visit someone else's town.

What time does pete come on animal crossing?

Pete comes at 9am and 5pm.