What type is Garchomp weak against?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What type is Garchomp weak against?
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What is Garchomp strong against?

Garchomp is a Dragon- and Ground-Type, so it is weak against Dragon-Types and exceptionally weak against Ice-Types.

What pokemon or type is good against Garchomp in pokemon black and white?

Garchomp is a Ground/Dragon-type Pokemon, so it's weak to Dragon, Ice, and Fairy-type moves.

What are Cynthia's Pokemon weak to in diamond or pearl?

Cynthia's Pokemon and their weaknesses: Milotic is weak against electric Lucario is weak against fire type moves and earthquake Garchomp is weak against dragon-type moves Spiritomb is weak against water Sorry, I forgot the rest. I hope this helps a lot!

What types are super effective against Garchomp?

Garchomp, being a Dragon/Ground dual-type, is weak against Dragon (x2) and Ice (x4). Garchomp is resistant to Poison, Rock and Fire (each x1/2) and immune to Electric (x0).

What are Cynthia' s Pokemon weak against?

spirtomb is weak against nothing gastrodon is weak against grass milotic is weak against grass and electric garchomp is weak against dragon and ice lucario is weak against fighting, ground, and fire roserade is weak against fire, ice, flying, and psychic hope this helps.

What is umbreon weak against?

It is weak against Bug type and Fighting type moves....

What is fighting type weak against?

fighting type is weak against flying and psychic

What are fighting type pokemon weak against?

What are psychic type Pokemon weak against

What are bug type Pokemon weak against?

Bug type Pokemon are weak against Fire, Fighting, and Flying. Not fighting there not weak against fighting types, there weak against Fire, Flying and Rock.

Rate my two teams which i use for battle tower out of 10 one is Lucario Garchomp Rhyperior all lvl 50 and two is Dusknoir Torterra Luxray also lvl 50 so rate out of 10?

Lucario, Garchomp, and Rhyperior- Very good team...however, Lucario is weak against a strong fighting type and fire type. Garchomp and Rhyperior are weak against a strong ice type. One powerful Walrein or Glalie could easily wipe them out. I rate this one a 7. Dusknoir, Torterra, and Luxray- Excellent team. Each Pokemon covers eachothers weaknesses. These would definitely be my choices for the Battle Tower. I rate this one a 10.

What type is water Pokemon weak against?

Water-type Pokemon are weak against Electric and Grass-type moves.

What are dragon Pokemon weak against?

Dragon type Pokemon are weak against Ice, Dragon, and Fairy type moves.