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who has:kabutops,dragonair,porygon,pinsir,dodrio,venusaur,wigglytuff,weepingbell,tentacruel,golem,kingler,

likitung,scyther,magmar and tauros

please say where any are

In Pokemon fire red , Kabutops is in the fossil at MT. moon, dragonair you need super rod and fish for it in the safari zone, porygon is in the celadon game coner, dodrio a trainer has on the bicycle road, pinsir trade from leaf green, venusaur on trainer tower on 7th island, wigglytuff use moon stone on jigglypuff, weepingbell evolve beelsprout at lv 21, tentacruel surf aroun cinnabar island, golem second elite 4 has it, kingler evolve krabby at lv 28, lickitung trade a golduck at fushsia city, syther at celadon city game coner magmar trade from leaf green, tauros in the safari zone.

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Q: What trainers have these Pokemon on FireRed?
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Do any trainers that have an electabuzz in Pokemon pearl?

No, but you can get Elekid from Poke'mon Firered.

Pokemon FireRed how to get through silph co?

In Pokemon FireRed you have to get through Silph Co to continue. To get through it, you need to be able to beat 31 trainers.

How can you finish Pokemon Firered?

beat the elite four and all 8 trainers

How do you catch others trainers Pokemon in firered version?

Only if you have the gameshark code...

How do you get some money by Pokemon FireRed?

You get money by selling items or beating other trainers in a Pokemon battle

What is the Pokemon colleseum in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Pokemon colleseum in Pokemon fire red If you are talking about trainer tower it is the place where you select a Pokemon of your choice and battle trainers on every floor. You get a prize if you beat all the trainers

Where can you find Real Action Replay cheats for Steal Trainers on Pokemon FireRed?

What hacking tool for Pokemon FireRed allows you to edit trainers?

Advance Trainer or PET

In Pokémon firered how do you capture a trainers Pokémon?

to capture a trainers Pokemon you have to buy a gameshark and go on a cheat website and type in the code

What to do after defeating the trainers in the trainers tower in Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you want to you can try the other modes like single or knockout. Not your thing? Train more Pokemon and get all the Pokemon in the pokedex. And meet some other Pokemon leafgreen and Pokemon firered players.

Do trainers Pokemon in Pokemon firered level up after using the vs seeker on them?

nope they stay the same lvl, hope this helps =)