What is a Pokemon breeder?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Poke breeders are trainers who after deafeting the elite four go to 7 island in firered/leafgreen and putting two Pokemon in the daycare and they have an egg

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Q: What is a Pokemon breeder?
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What does the future hold for Brock from Pokemon?

brock will be a very good Pokemon breeder and he will still help ash in his journey there is more to it trust me i know Brock Is Destined To Be A Pokemon Breeder ( The Best Pokemon Breeder)

Where is the Pokemon breeder in Pokemon Platinum?

Solaceon town if you mean the Pokemon daycare

Which trainer has an elekid in Pokemon Platinum?

the Pokemon breeder in route 210

Where is the Pokemon breeder in HeartGold?

daycare below goldenrod city

Where do you find a tranier who has magby in pokemon platinum?

Route 210 (South) - Pokemon Breeder Amber

How do you become a Pokemon breeder on Pokemon FireRed?

u can't u can only be a pkmn trainer

Which trainer in Pokemon pearl has Pichu?

pokemon breeder in route 210 he has pichu, happiny,pikachu

Which trainer has a magby in Pokemon Platinum?

A breeder has one on route 210

What should you do to get steelix at Pokemon breeder?

You cannot get Steelix through a Pokémon breeder, you get it by trading a Onix holding a Metal Coat.

Is there any way to fix a glitched Nursery Breeder in Pokemon Emerald when there is a Ditto and a Question Mark named Pokemon in the breeders?


Where do you find a trainer who has elekid in Pokemon Platinum?

Route 210 from Solaceon Town. pokemon breeder kahill past the twins

Where is the Pokemon breeder - LeafGreen?

The Pokemon day care for Pokemon Leafgreen/Firered is on island 4. You have to beat the elite 4 and get the machine on island 1 working to go there.