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i do but it is meganium but i breed it for chikorita

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Q: What trainer in pokemon heartgold has a chikorita?
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Where can you see chikorita in Pokemon HeartGold from a trainer?

In heartgold please :)

Which trainer has chikorita in heartgold?

Only you, your rival or a friend who also has that platform can have chikorita.

Can your rival have chikorita in Pokemon HeartGold?

Your rival will have Chikorita if you pick Totodile as your starter pokemon.

What trainer in Pokemon diamond has a Chikorita?

unfortunately there is no trainer with a chikorita for you to see. You have to trade it from an emerald cartridge.

Who has the evolutions of chikorita in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I have them in Heartgold

Is there a trainer in Pokemon platinum with the Pokemon chikorita if so please answer?


Does a trainer in Pokemon SoulSilver have chicorita?

There is not a trainer in soul silver that has a chikorita.

What are the stater Pokemon for HeartGold?

Cyndiquil, Chikorita, and Totidile.

What are the starting Pokemon for HeartGold?

cindaquil, chikorita and totodile

How do you get Pokemon 152 in pokedex?

You need to trade a Chikorita from Pokemon heartgold or soulsliver

What are the starting Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chikorita. Hope This Helps. PP7

Where do you find a trainer with a chikorita in Pokemon soul silver?

your rival Heart if you picked a totodile your rival has a chikorita