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Tell her shes pretty. Or looks nice. Tell her her smile brightens your day. But don't over do it or she'll know your trying too hard.


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Q: What to say to girls to make them feel happy?
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What do you say when Muffy asks what type of girls you like on Harvest Moon DS?

If you want to make her happy say you like "Cheerful and Pretty" girls.

What do you say to a child if they say they only feel sad?

Don't feel like you did something wrong, just simply do every thing you can to make them happy!

How do you say feel happy in French?

to feel happy is 'se sentir heureux' in French.

How do you understand what the girl requires from her boy friend?

Try asking her. Often girls are happy to answer. Just say to her, I want to make you happy, What do you want from me as your boyfriend.

What does iy mean to say your in love?

You feel a strong connection with the person, and would do anything to make them happy, and you want to say how you feel or express it so you tell them you love them.(:

What do you say to make your girlfriend happy?

just praise her whatever you like about her. dis really make girls happy hope it will help

How do you answer the question how are you?

How are you is a common way to greet a person. The typical answer is fine, and you? Or, just say how you feel at that moment! But if you don't feel like you want to say how you really feel, just make a convincing happy face, say "Fine", and hope that the person believes you.

What can you say to make your girlfriend happy?

You should tell them that you love her and that you're there for her. Be pateint with her she may just be having troubles with girls homones

Who do you say the happy girls in spanish?

Las ninas felices

It's your friends birthday what would you do to make her feel special?

Well, you could give her a gift, make a homemade card for her, simply give her a hug and say happy birthday, or call her and sing happy birthday to her.

How do you say happy holidays girls in spanish?

¡Felices Fiestas chicas!

Being happy may feel good but is it actually healthy?

I would say it is. i wish i was happy!