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Tell the truth! She is hoping for you to make the first move, so tell her what you feel. Do you like her as a friend? As a classmate? As more than a friend?

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Q: What do you say to girls when they ask you how do feel about them?
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What do guys say when they want to ask a girl out?

Simply Ask Her Out. Girls Love Simple Guys Who Are Feel To Share There Emotions. and love

How do you ask your best friend out If your both girls?

I say that you should talk to her and "flirt" with her, if she plays around back then continue to do for a a weeks or so and then you can spill out a scenerio about two girls dating and ask how she feels about it if the girls were good friends and if she doesn't seem opposed to it then you should ask her how she would feel if the two of you were a couple and if she is weirded out then act casual and say that it was only an example so you can avoid the awkwardness, BUT if she wouldn't mind then I say spill out your feeings and go for it! ;)

When to ask out girls?

Whenever you feel ready. And you and the girl are okay friends.

How do you feel less awkward touching girls?

Ask their permission edit: how?

How do girls want to be asked out?

if you ask her out in person she is most likely to say yes as long as u think she likes u. If you ask her out on fb or text message it doesn't make her feel very special

What to do when someone ask you out?

you be friendly and say what you feel

What do you do if you feel your boyfriend is hangeing out with other girls?

ask him, or look through his phone. or the girls may b friends......

How do you get a girls number in a short time?

Just simply ask her when you feel comfortable.

What makes girls feel to get?

Please elaborate on your questions. I do not understand what you are trying to ask

How do girls feel while rapping?

Why don't you ask a girl that's rapping.

Girls always ask you out and how do you answer?

Say no, sorry, but offer to be friends

How can a girl ask a boy how he feels bout girls?

Be more specific - what's the real question? or How do you feel bout girls?