What to do after you beat Wallace?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You teach the HM Waterfall to one of your Pokemon, Fly to Mossdeep, Surf down, keep checking your PokeNav, and turn towards Ever Grande City. Now that you can use Waterfall outside of battle, use waterfall! you will then be at Ever Grande. After that, heal your Pokemon and head into victory road to the Elite Four. If your Pokemon aren't trained to at least level 50 or 55 then spend as much money as possible once you are in the supersized PC at the PokeMart. This is because you lose money when you lose! Stock up equally on Hyper Potions, Full Heals, and Full Restores a bit less. And have a yellow and blue Flute from the glass making place near fallabor which will come in handy. maybe even a red flute. Buy about 10 to 20 Revives and Max potions. If you still have about $1000 left then spend it on Ultra balls, Max repels, and X Attack, Defense, Speed, Accuracy and dire hit. Make sure you have 4 pokemon: one with fire moves, ice moves, electric moves, and water moves at least. Then go out there and show the Elite Four how awesome you are! Once you beat the Champion go to Steven's house, read the letter, and get a Beldum!

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Q: What to do after you beat Wallace?
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Where is Wallace in Pokemon emeraled?

Wallace is the champion. you will find him after you beat the elite4

What do you do on Pokemon ruby after you beat Wallace?

Go to the Elite 4, and beat them.

How do you get to Wallace in his gym?

you beat Kyougre or catch Kyougre in the cave of origin then when its not raining go to wallace's gym!

How do you make manchoke become manchamp?

you just have to beat Wallace

In emerald how do you change a pokedex into a national pokedex?

Beat Wallace/Steven

What do you do after beating groundon in red ruby?

Go beat Wallace in Solstice city.

Wallace is blocking his own gym?

sort of you have to beat team aqua 1st

How do you get past Wallace in Pokemon Emerald?

You have to beat his party. Afterwards, you will be inducted into the hall of fame.

Who lost to Richard Nixon?

1968--beat Hubert Humphrey (D) and George Wallace (3rd party) 1972--beat George McGovern

How do get to Wallace on sapphire?

Get all 8 gym badges then go to ever granade city in the Pokemon league then beat the 4 elites in the elite four and then you'll go to Wallace. If you beat Wallace you'll get a ribbon each for the Pokemon in your party that doesnt have one. TIP: If You want to level up your Pokemon quickly and you defeated them you can visit them again and battle them.

CAn you beat Wallace using Earthquake?

yes, to beat Wallace easily use a Pokemon that knows Surf and is Lv.50-60. Keep using Earthquake on every one of Wallace's Pokemon. When it comes to Milotic, you may need a Revive for your Pokemon as MIlotic is quite strong. Use another Earthquake and Milotic is down. Hooray! YOu just beaten Wallace! Go gather your friends and have a great big party! Now go and beat the Pokemon League and show Champion Steven who really IS the strongest in Hoenn! P.S. If you want to beat him even E-A-S-I-E-R, train your Pokemon to Lv.60. My Pokemon was Blaziken Lv.50. Get the advantage for water and beat Wallace's Pokemon! (I had a easy time even though Wallace was the one with the advantage with his water-types, I had a fire type! Earthquake might be one of the strongest moves, Champion Steven has an Altaria that has that move so be careful! His Pokemon are extreme!

In Pokemon emerald where is steven after you beat the 8th gym?

...... stewen in emerald isn't a elite champion. there is wallace.