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In Pokemon Ruby, Wallace is the gym leader of Sootopolis City. When the player first arrives in the city, Wallace is not at the gym. He and Steven are north of the city. They take the player to the Cave of Origin where Groudon is encountered. After this battle, Wallace can be found and battled in the Sootopolis Gym.

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Q: How do you get to Wallace in Pokemon Ruby?
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Who is the leader in Pokemon Ruby is to be Juan?

If you mean "Is Juan the leader in Pokemon ruby?", then no. It's Wallace who's the leader. Juan is leader only in Pokemon emerald. The champion is Wallace in Emerald, but Steven is the champion is Ruby and Sapphire.

How do you defeat gym leader Wallace in Pokemon ruby?

by fighting

How do you get into the cave of origen in Pokemon ruby?

I believe you have to talk to Wallace

Get voltorb in Pokemon Ruby?

new mauville after you get a key from Wallace

Where is Wallace on Pokemon ruby?

In the 8th gym. he is the gym leader

Where do you find Wallace Pokemon Ruby?

He is the sootopolis city gym leader.

What do you do on Pokemon ruby after you beat Wallace?

Go to the Elite 4, and beat them.

What is Pokemon Coordinator's Wallace's anime appearance based on?

I don't know!Wallace appears in Ruby Sapphire and Emerald.Most likely from Emerald but there may be some elements from Ruby and Sapphire.

Who is the champion on Pokemon emerald?

Wallace he was the former 8th gym leader in ruby and sapphire

How do you vs Wallace in Pokemon Ruby?

Wallace is the Gym Leader of Sootopolis City so you will be able to verse him once you challenge the Gym.

Where do get the last badge in Pokemon ruby?

You get it in Sootopolis city. If your playing Ruby or Sapphire. You would be fighting Wallace. In Emerald, You fight Juan.

What Pokemon is that guy?

I'm sorry to say it, but "that guy" is not a Pokemon. He is, however, the leader of the Sootopolis Gym. In Ruby and Sapphire, he was Wallace. But in Pokemon Emerald, he became Juan. Wallace then became the Elite Four Champion.