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after you beat roark, go left and turn back to Jubilife city. then go up and battle the 2 galactic grunts with dawn(it is a double battle). then keep on going will come to a stop where there are boulders that are only to be cleared with the HM Rock Smash. then keep going up until you reach Floaroama town. turn right and a girl will appear. go more right and then go up. battle he galactic grunt. then go back to Floaroama town. head up to the Floaroama meadow.battle the galactic grunts one by one. then you will get the key to the Valley Windworks. go inside and battle the Commander Mars. then go to Enterna Forest with Cheryl. help her get past.after that you will be in Enterna City.Battle the Gym Leader there.

i have finished the game a million times so i know. hope it helped!:)

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Q: What to do after beating roark of oreburgh gym Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get the 1st badge on Pokemon diamond?

You beat the first gym leader, Roark in Oreburgh City.

Is roark from Pokemon a girl or a boy?

Roark, the Gym Leader of Oreburgh City in the Sinnoh region is a boy.

Where do you find the first gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

Roark, a Rock-type specializing Gym Leader, can be found in Oreburgh City (just like in Diamond and Pearl).

Roark on Pokemon Diamond?

Roark is the Oreburgh City gym leader that uses Rock-type pokemon. To find him, you have to go to the very back of the Oreburgh Mine and talk to him. He will then return to the gym. If you started with Turtwig or Piplup, you should have no problem with this gym. If you started with Chimchar this gym will be hard unless evolve it to learn fighting-type moves or catch a Budew in the field north of Jublife City.

How do you get glemeow in diamond?

you cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! either trade it from pearl or defeat roark in oreburgh city and go to the gst station

Which trainer has cranidos in diamond?

The trainer you are asking about is actually a gym leader in Oreburgh City. His name is Roark and his Cranidos is at level 14.

Pokemon diamond where do you find roark?

he is in the oreburg mine. :)

Where do you get the Marking Map App in Pokemon Platnium?

Talk to the President of the Pokétch Company in Jubilife City after beating Roark in Oreburgh City, Gardenia in Eterna City and Fantina in Hearthome City and he'll give you the Marking Map Application for the Pokétch.

Where do you learn rocksmash on Pokemon diamond?

Beat the first gym leader: Roark.

What are the gym leaders in Pokemon Diamond?

they are: roark--oreburgh city gardenia--eterna city maylene--veilstone city wake--pastoria city fantina--hearthome city byron--canalave city candice--snowpoint city volkner--sunyshore city

Where is the first gym on Pokemon Diamond?

follow the game.its in oreburge city.the leader is roark.

How do you get the 1st gym badge on pearl?

Roark's Gym Badge is obtained through Oreburgh Gym. First though, you need to head out to the mines to talk to Roark. After some battles or so, Roark SHOULD be available at the gym. If not, trigger some events around Oreburgh City.