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you go to the oroburg entrince to mt cornet and use rck clime

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Q: What to do after beating Cyrus in the team galactic building?
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Were is Cyrus when he gives you a master ball?

in the viellstone Team galactic building

How do you get a masterball in platinum after team galactic' boss' one?

After you defeat Cyrus at the Veilstone Galactic building and he will give it to you

What do you do after beating team galactic in the stark mountain?

After beating team galactic at stark mountain go catch heatran.

How do you get to Cyrus in the team galactic veilstone building in Pokemon diamond?

frst defeat the gym leaderthen go to the team galactic headquarters the one that is small. then when you have accomplished that you can go there!

How do you beeat Pokemon pearl galactic HQ?

You Go to the building next to Galactic Veilstone Quarters and Follow the track until you meet Cyrus, The Leader of Team Galactic

What is the name of Team Galactic's Boss in Pearl?

Team Galactic's Boss' name is Cyrus.

Where do you get the master ball in Pokemon Platinum?

You go to Vielstone city and go into Team galactic building and find Cyrus(Team galactic boss) then battle him. After the battle he should give you a master ball.

Where do you find the master ball in pokemon pearl?

Beat Cyrus in the Team Galactic Veilstone Building. He'll give you a MasterBall

How do you go to the team galactic building inside mt coronet?

By beating or capturing palkia or dialga and the grunt who does not have any Pokemon will probably not be there

Where is team galactic in stark mountain?

Team galactic is at the top of the mountain with the fowling members:Mars,Juipiter,and Cyrus.

Where is leader Cyrus of team galactic in heart gold?

Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic cannot be found in Pokémon HeartGold, only Team Rocket and their Grunts can be found in HeartGold.

Who is Cyrus in Pokemon Pearl?

He is the leader of team galactic