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When you go to the team galactic veilstone building there will be a galactic grunt and you talk to him then he'll run away and he accidentally drops a key.

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Q: Where is the key for the team galactic veil stone building?
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Where to go after freeing the Pokemon in the galactic warehouse at veil stone city?

First beat the 5th gym leader then talk to the person that is gaurding the door in the warehouse then go to the entrance of the bigger building ther should be galactic people talk to them when they leave theres a poke`ball. Press a in front of it. the key to the warehouse is now yours.Use it at the locked door in the warehouse.

Where are the master balls on Pokemon diamond?

the one that i know how to find is at the team galactic head quarters in veil stone u have to get the storage key first then go through the whole place and in the bosses chamber after you beat himhtre will be a master ball i don't now i only have oneYou only get one-per-whole game and that's it!

Where do you get a masterball on platinum?

from Cyrus in the veil stone base

Where do you get a master ball in pokemon platnum?

after you beat Cyrus in veil stone city

How did pierce the veil get famous?

Just by playing loads a shows,building a fanbase,and playing warped

How do you get to the islands near veil stone city in diamond?

you have to use the walk anywhere cheat for the action replay

Where is Cyrus after you beat the league?

Cyrus goes to there main base in veil stone for more Pokemon answers i can be emailed at

What is the master ball code fore diamond?

Just defeat Cyrus(when have 7 gym badges)in the headquarters in veil stone city WORD

Where is the team galactic key?

It's been awhile since I got to play my Platinum ( because my brother is playing it.) But I'm pritty sure you get the key in the base in the city with the big drug store department ( can't remember the towns name) If I'm wrong, it might be in another base. I'm sorry if I didn't help at all.

Whats another way to get to saleceon town?

Can you be alittle more specific than that, you can get to it by going pas solacean town or you can back track from veil stone.

How To Evolve ChingLing?

Chingling (one word) evolves if its like you at night. Night time in Diamond/ Pearl is after about 8:00 pm. You can get your chingling to like to by: - Feeding it vitamins ( Iron, calcium, Protein etc.) You can get them at the veil-stone dept. store -Bringing it for a message at the house close to the veil stone gym - You can see if it likes you by using the Pokemon app that you get at the Eterna Pokemon centre.

Where is the beach to beat people on to get to route 212 in Pokemon platinum?

- The closest beach to Route 212 would be just out of Pastoria City. And just before Lake Valor. You can get there from Heart Home City, which you would take Route 212 to get to Pastoria. Or you can get there from Veil Stone City, just travel South of Veil Stone. Or you can get there from Sunnyshore City. Just travel West of the City. Hope it helps. -- CelestialIllusion