Names of head coverings

Updated: 4/28/2022
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cap, hat, scarf, hair, bonnet, veil, hijab, helmet, visor, bowler

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Q: Names of head coverings
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What are head coverings for small insects?

"Head coverings for small insects" is "gnats' hats."

Head coverings during George Washington's time?


What rhymes with head coverings for small insects?

gnat hat

What is the word for Russian women's head coverings?

They are called "kasenkas"

Is a Pentecostal Woman Allowed To Wear Head Coverings?

We are all free to do as we see fit. As long as it doesnt contradict the bible.Church of Christ in some states make women wear head coverings. But in a pentecostal church it is not necessary

What is the name of the head coverings worn by women in the Catholic Church?

Chapel veils or mantillas.

A coverings for the head?

a cap

What did it mean when a woman had no head coverings in the 1930s?

"The head of a man is Christ and the head of a woman is a man." Meaning a woman without a head covering dishonor not only her man but herself, a woman with no dignity.

What is a rhyming word pair for head coverings for small insects?

Gnats' hats.

WhydoyouthinkJews of the Diaspora are more reluctant to wear head coverings than Jews in Israel?

look it up hehehehehehe😈

What types of catholic churches require women to wear head coverings?

Greek Orthodox chuches, Catholic churches in Europw

Is amino acid part of waterproof coverings?

No A Lipid is part of waterproof coverings.