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7:00PM Eastern

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Q: What time does the psn store update?
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How do you create a psn account?

Scroll accross to the PSN icon on the homepage. Click forget account and then go back accross to update then allow update. When the update is complete go accross to the PSN icon again. Click on Create a new account.

When you try to make a psn account it tells to update?

You update your ps3 when it tells you

Can you still download PSP games if your PSP is version 6.60?

When using the PSN you must get the update software before you can go to the store and download.

How do you update playstation network for your psp?

You don't 'update the PSN', you update the PSP's firmware from the Settings menu on the XMB.

How do you get PSP network on original PSP?

update to 3.5 on psn

Are there any naruto games in the PSN store PS Vita?

There's no Naruto games on the PSN store

What are PSN points?

PSN Points are used to make purchases on the PlayStation Store.

What store do you download games for psp go?

The PSN store

Can you top up 50 dollar psn card on UK psn store?

yes they can i think

Where can you download games?

In the psn store. (Play station network store)

How do you go on your playstation store on your psp before the time runs out?

PSN will extend the time after the network is back up in early May 2011

Why can't you find the youtube app for psvita in the psn store?

It is within the 'apps' section on the PSN store. You could also search for it using the search function.