Why is your ps3 not updating 3.30?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The most current update is 3.40 from June 29 2010 Try the PSN Support if you have questions about updates. see related links

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Q: Why is your ps3 not updating 3.30?
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How do you install OS on PS3?

The PS3 has had updates that removed that capability from the older PS3 models unless that have stopped updating the PS3 console

Can a ps3 break while updating it?

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Can a PS3 get infected?

No, but there are system updates which apparently crash your PS3. SO I would recommend you stick to the original Sony Updates and wait for some reviews of the update before updating because some people claim that their PS3's were bricked by the 3.21 system update.

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There are several possible root causes for this error but ultimately the PS3 is losing connection and is unable to reconnect. Some possible solutions include disabling the media server on the PS3, configuring static DNS addresses on both your router and your PS3, updating your router firmware, or moving your PS3 to the DMZ.

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You can't. It's the system files. Try updating it

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