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I do not know, but it is available to download via the PSN store as of now.

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Q: What is the theme song for Pain on the ps3?
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What is the theme song of WWE smackdown here comes the pain?

The intro theme song to WWE's SmackDown : Here Comes The Pain game was, " I wan't it all " by Jim Johnston.

Who is the singer of rey mysterio?

The singer of Rey Mysterio's Theme song is P.O.D (Pain Of Death) if you dont mean his theme song, then i cant help you

Whats the name of the theme song for UFC 2009 undisputed?

The song is Stemm-face the pain You can get it from

Who sings the theme song on ufc fight night live?

Face the Pain by: StemmI'm pretty sure this is the right song.

How do you unlock the halo song on gh3 on ps2?

The Halo theme is exclusive downloadable content for the PS3. So it's not possible.

What is the theme song for mvp?

V.I.P. Ballin by Mickael,T-Pain,Cyclone and Baby Bash

Who sang Naruto Shippuden 7th theme song?

if it's the one that starts out with "I realize that screaming pain." it would be flow. the song is "sign".

What is the song for UFC unleashed?

Face the Pain is the theme song for UFC Unleashed. UFC Unleashed is a TV show that appears on the Spike TV channel.

What is the song that the PS3 song is a remake of?

The PS3 song is a parody of the song 'How to Save a Life'by The Fray.

Give all theme song codes or password xbox 360 unlock all WWE smackdown vs raw 2010?

pS3 oNLY_________

What is the Doom 3 theme song?

It's the theme song of Doom 3. -----> True, but the theme song is: "Doom 3 theme song" by Tweaker (2004)

What was metallicas theme song?

Metallica had a theme song?