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You cannot unlock it for PS2. It was a free downloadable song for Xbox 360 and PS3, meaning PS2 users cannot get it.

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Q: How do you unlock halo theme in guitar hero 3 for playstation 2?
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How do you use a Guitar Hero guitar on Halo 3?

You Dont. You can download the theme song off marketplace to be able to play halo's theme song on Guitar hero 3

Who plays guitar in the halo theme song?

Sam Savvidis..Harry Mura

How do you unlock the halo song on gh3 on ps2?

The Halo theme is exclusive downloadable content for the PS3. So it's not possible.

Where can you get the tabs for halo theme for an acoustic guitar? Click on the "GProTab" link and it will directly download the tabs for the Halo theme.

How do you unlock the halo theme on gh 2 for PS2?

You can't, its an Xbox 360 exclusive.

How do you get halo theme song in rock band?

Its for guitar hero 3, download-able content. Not rock band.

Is the halo theme song on Guitar Hero?

Yes, but I'm afraid that it is only available on guitar hero III legends of rock on the Xbox 360 marketplace.

Is halo on PlayStation?


Where can you get the guitar tab for the Halo theme?

This site has some tabs -

Where is there Halo theme song on trumpet?

Halo Theme on the trumpet

Is there a Halo 3 for the playstation?


Is there a halo 4 for the Playstation 3?

no, halo is only on xbox consoles